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In the International Pastafarians Captains Conclave the captains and helmsmen of the Pastafarian churches meet. Here we introduce ourselves, talk about our problems and actions, learn from each other and also try to help each other.

A request from Kazakhstan also landed there. The church there wanted to be registered and the authorities only wanted to approve this if proof was provided that this had already been done in other countries. We offered to take over this, made mail contact and promised to deliver such a document.
But it should be an apostille.

Do you know what it is? I didn’t know, the employees of the local notary didn’t know either, because they gave us an appointment for the issuance. Only at the appointment we found out from the notary, that the apostille is only available directly at the local court, where the register of associations is kept. A call brought the information, after a written request it is gladly issued and, because we are non-profit, even free of charge.

In fact, the apostille was with us after just under a week.

Now it only had to be sent safely to Kazakhstan to Vsewolod, one of the founders of the church. This was best done by registered mail. Since there is no post office in Templin anymore – only a post office in a store – we preferred to do this from Berlin. From then on we waited and waited, it eist far to Kazakhstan. But then the letter arrived.

Vsewolod sent a mail “Bird in a cage!!” with the picture above. Of course we were very happy about that.
Also about what was then written in the next mail.

“We commemorate this apostilled document of our relic “Holy Papyrus” and will keep and transmit to the head of the church along with the authority of the leader. The day of registration will be declared a holiday”

Well, that sounds great..

Vsevolod has also reported on a few other plans, such as recording his own FSM pirate song. I’m curious to see how this will turn out and how it will go on in Kazakhstan.

Maybe I can persuade our new pirate in the federation to write a guest contribution for the word, in which he introduces his church to us.
The monster will take care of it.

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